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Hi I'm Dan, a personal trainer based in Wimbledon.


Professional, Exciting and Effective. 


You may choose to exercise directly with myself or another fitness trainer in my team according to your preferences.


I recruit the best PTs and provide them a scenario that enables them to thrive, so that we can provide you with the best experience available in Personal Training anywhere. Choosing a DNPT trainer means chooosing a trainer that has already been vetted, and whose knowledge and enjoyment for the job is nourished and consistently developed.


I do not lead the company alone, a central core of senior PTs share the task, enabling us to run a smooth and professional service in which every trainer is invested. As well as this you can rest assured that excitement and personality are just as important to us.


Our environment of high standards and continued development enriches the experience of PT for every member - client, trainer and company.


It is my opinion, formed over 20 years in health and fitness, with more than 10 years as a one-on-one PT, that turning up for the exercise hour alone is not enough to help people achieve a lasting change. Which is why, as well as your actual PT Sessions you will be provided a full plan and experience a great deal of support from us with any lifestyle changes required to achieve your results. 


There will be some predictable obstacles to strategise for and some opportunities we might take advantage of, and we will form our plan taking these into account.


The first step is an informal chat with me. There is no obligation or expectation, just a free chat with a professional. If you decide that PT is the right thing for you from there, then the next step would be to meet up for a proper consultation.Contact me if you want to take the first step.


My service is built around a proven structure and motivating process that you can rely on, but every package is tailored to you as an individual. Personal Training is quality 'You' time.



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Personal Training Packages

Clients typically book in blocks of 10 sessions, 12 week or 4 week packages. All are individually tailored - think 12 weeks for a steady progressive approach – 4 weeks for a kick start.

Online and Mobile App

If your plan includes you exercising at the gym or at home, we will provide an easy to follow workout, that you can print out and video you can watch online or from your mobile device.

Private Gym - Free Parking

2 hours free parking. Plenty of space for functional exercise. Athletic pedigree facilities. Inspiring and practical location.




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Dan Newman Personal Training Services in Wimbledon, West Wimbledon and Raynes Park

2 hours free parking, riverside parkland and a fully equipped gym 5 minutes from Wimbledon Town Centre. 


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I can't tell you how much I love this location and the gym set up. I enjoy having tea with clients in the riverside cafe next door, during our goal check ups, or being able to run alongside the river through the park then return to the gym for more equipment based training.


The gym is fully equipped and also has plenty of space for functional exercise. We have some facilities that enable us to pursue athletic exercise with real pedigree. Such as the Olympic lifts, the snatch, clean and jerk.


Bottom left video is me teaching in the Wimbledon gym.