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Dan Newman Personal Training is Growing – What’s new in 2012



If you’ve landed here then you’ve followed a link about how we have grown through 2011 and are starting an exciting adventure in 2012. Maybe you’re just browsing across the articles though, if you are this a blog post about our recent expansion.


First and foremost – thanks to all my clients in 2011 who overcame their obstacles and reached their goals, it’s an exciting honour to share the journey with you, and I am grateful for your business. 


So what’s new in 2012…


Well we are growing and I am taking on a couple of trainers at my gym. They are younger but experienced trainers that have sat down with me and learned my methods and expectations of customer care. They are fun and they are excellent at what they do.


I didn’t just graduate yesterday.I began my journey in fitness when I was 17 when I took up fighting arts, I’m 36 years old now and I can honestly say I’ve never been fitter, stronger or more full of life. I’m more peaceful and more dangerous than I’ve ever been. More importantly perhaps, I’m wiser, I have 19 years of experience in adult life, business and fitness training. I qualified for the REPs register in 2004 and have coached professionally hundreds and hundreds of hours since then in three countries and two languages.


The new website is just a landing spot. The investments in the gym, equipment and education last year were important but I also spent a long time working on what I had to offer a younger trainer and the clients that would train with them which would make Dan Newman Personal Training a better choice than my competitors and enable us to grow.


The result is something I call the ‘Simple, Effective, Exciting’ method.


Without complicating matters as a Dan Newman Personal Training client you can expect


  • An effective and exciting plan.
  • A simple goal for each phase of your training.
  • Awesome training sessions that leave you on a high.
  • A meal by meal food plan and also general food guidelines.
  • To be sometimes encouraged, sometimes challenged, always engaged.
  • The highest level of customer care anywhere in Personal Training.


You can train with me or with one of my trainers, and be confident that you are getting the best available anywhere. That the person training you wants to be the best – not arrogantly for themselves, but professionally for you. Our tenet is to keep asking ourselves – how could I have made that hour or that week better for my client. It’s part of my business procedure to actually sit together and ask that, to share our experiences and reconnect regularly with our goal. I believe you can only become the best when you really care about it – for the right reasons, humbly but with indomitable and unrelenting determination, and that’s about loving what you do. Once you know you simply couldn’t do any better, you are totally free to really enjoy that moment. I think fighting for something with all your heart soul is joyful – and those are the kind of people that I have made my team.


Take a look at the new website, but don’t waste too much time. Get in touch and we can chat, if I or one of my team sound like the right trainer and the right organisation for you, then lets get on with it.


At the very  least you’ll get some great advice from an experienced professional, I’m not about the hard sell, but I will encourage you to slay hesitation, take those first steps and take action, whatever action is right for you.


In closing, thanks again to everyone I have ever worked with, the experience has nourished me, and led me to today.  Now let’s tear into 2012 🙂 

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