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Fitness Training in Wimbledon - at your home, outdoors or in our private gym

We have our own private gym in Wimbledon SW19 which means that you won't get caught out in the rain (whatever the season) or the dark and will always have what you need to succeed on hand - including privacy.


My trainers are happy to come to you, but when you choose Dan Newman Personal Training, you know that your progress will not be limited by a lack of facilities, poor seasonal weather or daylight hours. When you train with us you will have every facility you need including privacy and a fully equipped, motivational space to come to if you choose.


The location is not only picturesque but ideal, with riverside cafes and parkland on the doorstep as well as 2 hours free parking.



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Your Private Gym in SW19   Merton Abbey Mills

Your Private Gym in SW19

Dan Newman Personal Training has a permanent home at our own private gym at The Training Ground in Merton Abbey Mills – Wimbledon SW19. Dan owns this gym with his business partner.


The gym is fully equipped with all the standard tools of exercise as well as more specialist and functional tools such as kettle bells, Viprs, Bulgarian Bag TRX and AST - Suspension Training Straps. We even have a lifting platform and bumper plates for practicing the Olympics lifts; the snatch, clean and jerk.


As well as cardio equipment in the gym we have a picturesque park on our doorstep with inspiring riverside running routes.

Merton Abbey Mills Olympic Lifting and Strength and Conditioning

Merton Abbey Mills

Merton Abbey Mills offers 2 hours free parking on site and is 5 minutes from Wimbledon town centre or 10 minutes from Wimbledon village.


The idyllic location with working watermill, craft market and cafes adds to the sense of well being that exercise offers and is an ideal location for the practicality of the parking, the inspirational nature of taking your goal check up meeting at one of the riverside cafes or the ability to mix outdoor training in the adjacent park and tow path with indoor training in the gym facility.

Olympic Lifting and Strength and Conditioning

Olympic Lifting Platform, Bar and Bumper Plates


The no.1 exercises in any athletic field for explosive speed and power are the Olympic lifts. Why work 3 sets of 10-20 reps of 7 different body parts and then do 20 minutes cardio when 5 sets of 5 reps of Olympic lifting does all of that, all at once. Does not increase muscle size – just increases speed and strength while working your whole body and metabolism all at once. Very few facilities and NO commercial gyms offer this stalwart total body exercise. If you are serious about your physique, then this is a form of exercise you should ask about.

Local running routes and cycle tracks Strength and Conditioning

Local running routes and cycle tracks

The gym is situated next to the riverside at Merton Abbey Mills and this offers the exciting opportunity to get out into inspiring surroundings for running or cycling then return to the gym for use of weights etc – alternatively you can begin your own exercise session with a run or cycle then come to us for your PT session and perform the gym based part of your work out only with us.


It's an exhilarating location and has real practical benefit. We have 3k,5k, 7k and 10k routes we can show you.


There are lots of ways to structure the above – by using shorter PT sessions or extending your whole workout to a highly effective hour and a half total.

Strength and Conditioning

It's athlete nerdism, but the equipment and the space that we have in the location that it is….pushes my buttons.


Every client needs something different at different times.


There are some things, almost every client needs.


A good example is leg strength work –
Even long distance runners need to work leg strength. Proven to excite a hormonal reaction in the body that supports the metabolism of fat, increases total body bone density and maintain a healthy level of lean muscle vs body fat. If you aren't doing leg strength, you aren't training as effectively as you could be.