Lets talk about fitness

    Posted on 22nd January 2012 by Dan





    Lets take a journey together 


    Here you will read a lot of articles about fitness. About food, weight loss, athletic performance, science, experience, motivational stories, tools and ideas, new and old methods of training, new and old fitness equipment and techniques. Muscle, bone and sinew, hope, sweat, will power and reward. We are based in Wimbledon and some of the articles will be about local places,people and experiences but on the whole, the articles will be relevant to anyone who has an interest in fitness.


    I would be very grateful, if you would join the conversation and give me your thoughts and opinions, tell me about your experiences.


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    If you have any problem doing so or if you would like to get in contact directly with your question or comment please just use the contact form, or email me directly.


    Enjoy the articles – Look forward to hearing from you.



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