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  • A week in the life of DNPT

    Posted on 8th July 2012
    a week persoanl training in wimbledon

    TRX Exercise Technique -

      Another good week at DNPT – The Merton Abbey Mills gym keeps on rocking. The riverside location here has no equal, along with the cafe’s on hand and scenic running routes – there is no more inspirational or motivational place I can think of in all of London to have a gym. This will always be the spiritual home of DNPT, even when we open the second building. There are lots of weddings getting close or having gone by already and lots of new clients with exciting goals and new journeys ahead, while others go through their original goal and look for new ones.     Vicki – I’m very very impressed with your regular 5k running ! Nothing less than awesome how you managed to fit that in alongside your maniac work schedule ! Hope you’re enjoyng the weekend.     Only a few of my favorite sessions this week…   Andrew made me laugh as always the whole way through, a good start to my Saturday morning, this session began in a low energy but we built up a circuit, cracked on through that and broke a PB on the  2000 metre row none the less. I’m still laughing about the ‘finish him’ Mortal Kombat moment.     Jeff broke out of basic compound moves, and exercises to do at his gym, into a solid functional workout at my gym and accounted for himself well – nice work.     Cristina did some awesome sprints on wednesday and a solid 5k run on the Saturday before.   Nidhi – Really good glute and hamstring work, plus run, box,run,box, run, box (Was nice to see Sahil too)   Chris (Trainer) taught nick the kettle bell swing and Nick did great with that – good to see Chris’s skills in action since he newly joined us.   Matt (Trainer) always does cracking sessions, which I always enjoy watching when I’m there at the same time. Saw a new exercise of his I will definately be using. He and Andy J are progressing nicely and getting close to a step change (Andy – are you running ?)   Rachel is on fire ! Great deadlift technique.   Dan and I got into the Bulgarian Bags, which will help his judo through the grip workout alone, along with the olympic lifting for explosive power. If we can get your work, rest schedule and nutrition sorted then all will be ticking along nicely. (good luck with university visits)   Krupa – Your endurance is very impressive – Thanks also for introducing me to your brother – looking forward to it all, the steady beginning and the full on training to come.   Laura – Always a pleasure – You are nuts turning up at 6.30 on your day off work but I salute you   Jailesh – Lots of fun as usual – good progress with Biceps and DB Press…It’s all about reducing the rice and bread now.   Sam – I know I’m your PT but I think you may also be my business advisor 🙂 thanks for all the fun and the advice – excellent ‘muscle selection’ during the abs.   Jacob – Because you took the dumbbells on holiday with you and did the workout session while away !   Maria – It’s been a pleasure enjoy your holiday and see you in September.   And everyone else – for anyone who didn’t get mentioned – thanks for everything – I always have a great time with you, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity you all provide me to make a living doing what I love. Thank You – and see you all again next week !      

    Rain Can’t Stop Play – Personal Trainer with Gym in SW19

    Posted on 1st May 2012
      Not everyone loves the rain. I do love the rain. At 6am though when I’ve got another 4 sessions before midday – I don’t mind being indoors at the gym.  
    Personal Training indoors

    Only get wet if you want to

      It doesn’t matter whether it can be inspirational to work out in the rain – it’s awesome to have the choice – especially when your session is at 6.30 am or your client has to go straight to work after.  
    DNPT Gym in SW19

    Dumbbell rack, Vibro plate and cable system doesn't travel well

        If you know me you will know I don’t mean this in a smug way…I get no greater joy than getting the end of the week and having a full client list that are hitting their goals, and so, as much as I like the rain, I have been watching the rain and thinking to myself how glad I am to have  my own private gym to offer my clients.   If you want to build a good habit and change your lifestyle them the less obstacles and the more consistency the better.   I’ve met my clients here each morning and no one has had to miss a workout – and everyone’s goals are right on track – that’s the last few weeks – every morning. There is no way that this would be true if we didn’t have the gym.   Regardless of the UK weather, I think a gym is an essential part of a PT’s armoury. I don’t think they have to use it all the time, but they have to ALWAYS be doing the session both the PT and the client want to – without compromise. I’ve got client’s I almost always train at home but every now and again they come down to the gym for something we just can’t do there. This week though,  at 6am in the pouring rain – it’s been better than great to have.   If you’re a Wimbledon or Wandsworth local, that needs to take your training out of the rain and inject some diversity and excitement – come along and say hi, I’ll make you a hot cuppa and show you the facility.   Dan        
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