DNPT Team Exercise Videos – Andy shows some great functional exercises

    Posted on 15th October 2019 by Daniel Newman-Beinart


    Functional or integrated exercise is crucial to keep the body ,well….functioning properly


    These sorts of exercises keep the workout interesting too (and more fun/appealing ).They can be good calorie burners when more of the body is tasked at the same time.


    Lots of benefits to physique , performance and function.


    Andy’s personal training sessions are always demanding and always v integrated for functional strength. 


    So many exercises fall into the same repetitive path of motion and while this strengthens the body it can have the consequence of reducing its functional ability to stabilise and express forces in more natural 3 dimensional ranges – such as you would while climbing, dancing , fighting. If the same muscles get stronger and stronger but only in the same anatomical pathway – such swart/deadlift/kettle bell swing all being a straight hip drive…. then mobility can be reduced and other dysfunctions introduced  


    The core acts as a junction for forces form lower and upper body periphery and at the same time stabilises and anchors the body for safety and to fomr a solid base for the expression of forces on the environment ( floor or pull up bar for example ) or external objects ( bar or Handle for example)


    Functional strength exercises like these are common in sessions at DNPT 

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